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A Different Approach to Property Marketing


Innovative & Exciting

Classic French Homes was established to provide an innovative and exciting approach to property marketing in South West France. Whilst it would appear most agencies pride themselves in the size and range of their portfolio, we are proud to present only a limited number of properties – always in the region of 30 or so.

Rather than positioning ourselves to be able to offer extensive choice – the ‘something for everyone’ approach (read ‘just happy to achieve a sale – sorry of it’s not your property’) we take on only a select type of property and are fully committed to selling each and every one.Our niche is small – old properties brimming with character and style, always over €1M, and almost all within 50kms of Bergerac. The services we offer are exceptional and our portfolio exclusive.

Delivering Results
We are delighted to report that it is a strategy that works extremely well, and results in excellent sales for our clients. Our approach is very considered and deliberate, the details of which are contained in this website. We would be very grateful to you for familiarising yourself with its contents so that we can work seamlessly together in order to achieve a good and painless sale on your behalf.

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