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The Perigord Pourpre

Rolling topography, crossed by rivers and streams, broadly based on limestone geology and blessed with a warm temperate climate of sunshine and the odd but heavy downpour, all make for a stunning countryside. To the south of the Dordogne river valley, the topography in gently undulating, and whilst vines is the most prevalent crop, there is also a good smattering of sunflowers, maize and livestock farming amongst the many copses and woods. Medieval architecture abounds, and properties built out of the pale local limestone.


To the South
Further to the south (eg around Lauzun and Miramont-de-Guyenne, sunflowers and maize are more abundant. There is a noticeable change in architecture, with cut sand-stone the main building material of old.


To the North - the Perigord Vert
Communities to the north of the River Dordogne tend to be few and far between, being predominantly forested with small clearings of grazing land for cattle.


West towards Bordeaux
To the west toward Bordeaux, gradually less and less land is wooded, with vines taking up a greater percentage of land usage.


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