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We are independently-owned, fully-registered and insured in France. Moreover, we hold the ‘Carte Professionelle’. In dealing with us directly, you are dealing with the agency that the vendor has instructed and in whom they have confidence, and it us who have taken the property on and know it intimately.

Is this significant? Very much so:


Many French ‘Agencies’ are not fully independent.

Being awarded the ‘Carte Professionelle’ in France is both difficult and time-consuming. Many so called agencies never actually manage it themselves and have to be covered under the umbrella of another card-holder, to whom they are obliged to share commission. The system is inefficient and then heavily restricts the agency in how they operate, and with whom.

Many businesses advertising French Properties are not French registered or insured.


The Aggregators

There are many so-called ‘agencies’ operating from outside France who are not French registered or insured. They have never had to demonstrate that they have the right credentials, and they are unlikely to understand or be current with French law. Importantly, they do not have first-hand experience of the property, nor do they know the area. They simply take local agents’ details, publish them on their own website, and send down buyers in a rather scatter-gun fashion to see as many properties as possible, however ill-fitting the match – let’s face it, your time costs them no money.


We have the ‘Carte Professionelle’

We were able to fast-track the system owing to exceptional professionalism and qualifications. Having the ‘Carte’ now allows us considerable freedom of movement to enter into agreements with our strategic partners with whom we collaborate.

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